derec® provides an easy-to-use API which allows you to integrate your existing system with the derec application. 

You can easily import all your existing patients into derec and operate with them in the derec web application. With the API you can create, read or update information about patients.

To access the API You will need to generate an API access key, this can be done in the clinic profile at, after registration. Keep in mind, only the clinic owner can access and generate the API token.

If You are interested in exchanging patient general data via derec API, the documentation for developers is available below. If you have any questions regarding the API or are in need of a custom access data – contact us.


Available requests and their specifications are available here.
API specification file itself can be accessed here.
Derec API specification is conforms to OpenAPI 3.0.

Using API tokens

The provided API token must be used in all API requests as part of the method's PATH
in place of the {session_token} paramter.

Working with entities

Data format and MIME types

Unless otherwise noted all data in request and response bodies must be
valid JSON, and sent with MIME type application/json.

Creating new entities (e.g., patients)

Creatable entities use UUIDs as IDs. When creating new in application
entities a entity ID must be generated on application side and then
POSTed to corresponding API. The API will return empty response with
status code 204 on successful operation. All entities are expected to
be fully specified. That means that any included entities present in
model must be filled.

Updating entities

Entities are updated using PATCH method. The request body must
contain updates to target entity formatted using
JSON Patch, and MIME type for body must be
application/json-patch+json. API will return empty response with
code 204 on successful operation.