Frequently asked questions

  • What is derec®?

    derec® is an application that transits the ordinary paper dental chart into digital format, that is both easy to use and easy to present to Your patients.

  • What can derec® do?

    We have implemented a variety of useful features in derec®. You can add records such as teeth decay, fractures, wear, discoloration, mark missing teeth, fillings and crowns and implants and more.

    An easy to use periodontal probing makes it a faster way to visualize the gingival margin and the periodontal line. The teeth numbering by default is the ISO one, US numbering can be switched on in the settings.

    History mode gives the possibility to see how the patient's situation changes during time.

    An aesthetic PDF-Report allows You to make a summary of the dental chart and export or print it with precise visualizations.

    We are continuously upgrading derec® with new features.

  • How can I start using derec®?

    derec® is available as a web application, which means all You need is a supported web browser and a registered account. Register at and start using! 

    We have prepared a series of short tutorials for You to get to know what derec is capable of. Tutorials available here.

  • Can I try a demo?

    Derec® is completely free to start with a 5 patient cap, no features blocked.

  • How much does derec® cost?

    Pricing plans are available at Prices section.

  • How safe is medical data in derec®?

    We are using secure cloud servers that offer a massive number of important security services like Identity-Aware Proxy and encryption at rest by default.

    All data centers are monitored & guarded 24/7, electrical power supply & internet connection back-up systems are in place.

    All data transfers from derec® to the servers are always done via secure data channels & are stored encrypted on the servers. SSL security certificates are used - the same grade security as in all online banking systems.

  • Is derec® GDPR ready?

    Yes. Derec® is compliant with European Union GDPR  - the regulation is very strict, that is why it became a model for many national laws outside the EU (e.g. “California Consumer Privacy Act” and others).

  • I already have my patient management system. Can I use it with derec®?

    Yes. Derec® has a built-in API to support integrations with other medical & client management systems.

    If needed, we can provide assistance with the integration. Contact our support to get more information on the integration possibilities.

  • Is there a business or an educational license available?

    Yes. We offer both business and educational licenses and custom solutions, for more information, please contact sales.

  • Can I switch/cancel my payment plan?

    Yes. You can switch Your current payment plan to any other at any time. Keep in mind, that If You have alredy paid for a licence, then Your plan is going to be automatically switched to the new one only when the current licence comes to an end.

  • What happens to the data after I stop paying?

    If You choose to switch to the Demo account, all of the patients data will still be available there for You to view and export. You will not be able to add more entries. Subscription in the end of one year period will renew automatically.